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Shaun Vanclief

A highly acclaimed Executive Chef made a decision many months ago to re-engineer his talents and passion for food preparation, presentation and taste to provide his customers with his new and exciting line of Olive Oil and Shea Butter based soaps. Atlantic Beach Soaps are manufactured using “only the finest natural ingredients,” each bar is handcrafted and identified by their deep, soothing scents, color and numbering scheme. The featured soap is the Almond Honey Almond, more commonly known as “Number 21” by Chef Shaun’s many testers who regularly used the unique soaps during the development stages of the business. Shaun refers to Number 21 as his “Ah Ha” soap not only because of the wonderful mix of honey and almonds but after resounding approvals of the results of regular use, he realized that it was time to focus on his new product line.

The store will remind you of days long ago when you went to the corner store for your daily essentials and not the malls and big box stores we know today. Atlantic Beach Soap Company is located in a well-manicured commercial and residential area in an updated walk-up store front that has served as a butcher shop, liquor store and real estate office since mid- century. This new shop will take you back in time and bring back memories of local merchants selling handcrafted products while providing personal attention to every customer.
Atlantic Beach Soap Co also carries a full line of Milk Baths and Mineral Salts as well as Bath Fizzies that complement the individual blends of the soap line. The store offers gift baskets for any occasion and will customize the products for wedding and party favors.

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